Viviane Houle’s Twixt

Viviane Houle is just about the sweetest woman you’ll ever meet – very funny, caring and quriky.  And FIERCE!  A fearless improviser with a gorgeous voice and astounding extended technique, she has completely spoiled me when it comes to playing with improvising singers.  She’s one of a kind, a very special talent.  I hired Viviane to sing my piece “Pig” and we became fast friends and musical compatriots, and she included me in her stellar “Trieze” cd, on which she did a duo improvisation with 13 of Vancouver’s most fantastic improvisers.  It’s on the agenda to write a long form work for Viviane and a string and brass ocetet with percussion, and she’s at the top of my list of people I want to make more music with, so, schedules and so forth allowing, there will be some absurdly cool things happening when next we get together!

A Little Storm – Viviane Houle and Jeff Younger
The Lunatic – Twixt with Lisa Miller live @ Rime

Personell: Vivian Houle – voice, Jeff Younger – guitar