The Unsupervised

Picture a grinning alien riding a great white shark with a belly full of stop signs and instruction manuals…  I formed the band in 2005, and man, it’s the most engaging, challenging, and fun thing I’ve been doing since.  And that’s saying a lot!!!  Things other people have said:

The Montreal Jazz Festival: “This modern Canadian jazz predator is always ravenous for musical adventure – and fans will feast on it!”

The Ottawa Jazz Festival: “Their 2011 performance was outstanding… their skills and talent rise above.”

The Halifax Jazz Festival: “At the heart of The Unsupervised sits the incredible compositional voice of guitarist Jeff Younger. Melding the tropes of all kinds of bop, modal jazz and rock, this quintet offers incredibly complex, considered music in a highly excitable fashion.”

Renowned as one of the most original and adventuresome modern jazz bands in Canada,
The Unsupervised has grinningly devoured stages all across the country.  Recent touring highlights include a main stage, award nominated performance at the 2011 Montreal Jazz Festival, and wowing audiences all the way from Vancouver to Halifax with their passion and fearlessness.   Armed with a fresh book of daring compositions, thier 2013 Vancouver International Jazz Festival performance had the community abuzz for weeks.

I’m stoked on the new music, salivating over the idea of a new recording, and slowly working behind the scenes to get the band over to Europe to make some madness…  exciting times for The Unsup!

Self-Arrest Dec 7_14
Prayer Flags Dec 7_14
Khumbu Dec 7/14
Strands – The Unsupervised
Inches – The Unsupervised Kornatta Glanke – The Unsupervised