The Family Stump

The Family Stump… what can you say about The Family Stump?  Imagine if Frank Zappa hijacked Hee Haw and A Mighty Wind and you’d have a good start.  The band started out innocently enough and turned into Vancouver’s most hilariously inappropriate, in-character redneck country band.  We released a killer cd called KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY, our live shows were out of control, garnering a reputation as completely bizarre, perposterously fun, and totally unpredictable live music experiences, and our annual hijacking of our favourite holidays (Stumpmas, Stumpoween, Stumpentines etc.) made for some of my favourite performance experiences.

The family took a brief hiatus, or more correctly, saw to their various legal defenses and medical issues, and makes the odd appearance in a different kinda way… smaller, more intimate… loving family quartets or duos, 2 boys, 2 girls, featuring different kin at different shows… it will be interesting to see how it evolves… or devolves… Spread the love and avoid the authorities!!!!

Performers: Jeff Younger – guitar/vocals/composition, Joseph Blood – mandolin/voacals, Jen Hodge – bass/vocals, Bess Durey – vocals, Juhli Conlinn – vocals, Aaron Joyce -weisenborn/dobro/vocals, Meredith Bates/Phyllis Ho – fiddle/vocals, Mary Kastle/Kristian Naso/Shannon Scott – keys/vocals, Russell Sholberg – bass/vocals, Mike Magnusson/Rob Linton – drums/vocals.

Country Livin’:


The Ballad of Revenge: