The Deep End

The Deep End is one of the funnest bands I play in, without question.  How can you not have an awesome time playing Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Sly and The Family Stone and Tower of Power tunes with your buddies?  And when your buddies happen to be great musicians?  Well, here’s what usually shakes down:

Audience Member A is unable to resist hitting the dance floor upon feeling the groove of The Deep End. Audience Member A sweats to the point of embarrassment and as a result of their euphoric lack of physical awareness, does not realize they have fallen to the ground whilst “shaking it”. In their groove channeling, booty bouncing trance, Audience Member A continues to dance whilst making no effort to become upright again, and after a short duration of this questionable behavior, Audience Member A does indeed dance their face off. It’s not pretty, but man is it fun.

Pick It Up, Lay It in the Cut

Personnel: Dawn Pemberton – vocals, Kristian Naso – trumpet, Dan Pigott – tenor sax, Shannon Thue – keys, Jeff Younger – guitar, David Marion/Derek DiFilippo – bass, Mike Zobac – drums