Sawhead Trio

I had a dream, and it involved forming an absolutely slaying trio of guitar, upright bass and drums.  Then I though, who would be the most fierce and joyous players to help the group become a musical mischief maker with a big punch and a soft heart?  Skye Brooks and Tommy Babin came to mind…   Skye is a special guy with a rare groove, musicality and sonic spirit, and Tommy is just plain BADASS and totally uncompromising.  We play original tunes and have our way with numbers from Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Neil Young, Ozzy Osbourne…  War Pigs makes the people go absolutely bonkers…  No rules, no apologies, no f***ing around, and sooooo much fun!

Personell:  Jeff Younger – guitar, Tommy Babin – bass, Skye Brooks – drums