Vessel/Out Innerspace Dance Theatre

David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen, the genius, creative tandem that runs Out Innerspace Dance Theatre, commissioned me to write an hour of music for their first full length work Vessel. It was an amazing project – Dave and Tiff are uncompromising and meticulous down to the smallest detail.  We’re cut from the same cloth, apparently, so we all went crazy trying to make the piece as good as we possibly could.  They wanted me to create sonic landscapes, alien worlds, and beautiful environments, and then help chart the path of primordial goop growing into being, the individual, and the relationship.  So, naturally, I did all kinds of horrible things to my guitar, manipulated and recorded pieces of metal, various food items, wood, bubble wrap and other odd materials, and forged it all together into the organic score for their piece.  Some of the show music and unused outtakes then became the “Strange World Curious Creature” cd.  The piece definitely stirred some boots when it was premiered, and we’ll definitely be working together again down the road.  I have the utmost respect for both of them as dancers and artists, and they’ve also become good, good friends.  Nice when deep, challenging art leads to that.

Spaceship – Vessel – Out Innerspace Dance
K&T Duet – Vessel – Out Innerspace Dance

Sabotage – Vessel – Out Innserspace Dance