Nocturnal Puddle Reflections

If you’ve ever seen one of those movies where a guy gets on the back of some giant, wild beast and attempts to tame and control it in mid-flight, you know what it’s like to run my 10-piece improv monster/mini-bigband Nocturnal Puddle Reflections.  NPR is capable of rip your face off fits of sonic rage and remarkably gentle contemplations on beauty, love, sorrow and the unknowable cracks in between.  Made up of some of Vancouver’s finest instrumental adventurers, the ensemble plays a mix of through-composed material, graphic scores and free/conducted improvisation.  I’m intermittently working on a completely mad, hour-plus long work for the group, but it may take a while… hell, it takes forever just to get these guys in the same neighbourhood!  A couple of movements from the piece were previewed at The Western Front, when the band completely ate up the venue during a Stitching and Unstitching concert, so I definitely want to get the piece done at some point and ride the beast into the heart of sonic adventure once again.

Stompy – Nocturnal Puddle Reflections

PERSONNEL: Kristian Naso, Ryan Naso – trumpets, Tim Ting – trombone, Johnathon Wilcke – alto sax, Steve Bagnell – tenor sax, Shane Krause – baritone sax, Jeff Younger – guitar/electronics/composer/conductor, Dave Chokroun, Russell Sholberg – upright bass, Ben Wilson – drums