Jeff Younger’s Sandbox

Jeff Younger’s Sandbox is a really fun place…  words about our debut cd THE NUDGER, released on Now Orchestra Records:

Stuart Broomer –  Ezz-thetics

“…on The Nudger the band creates an intriguing middle-ground between free jazz and improvised music, moving through rapidly changing events in which the musicians seem likely to genuinely surprise one another. Younger is a minimalist both as a guitarist and a composer, emphasizing subtle electronic undersounds and evasive notes that seem to arise with the turn of a volume knob.”

Nilan Perera – Exclaim Magazine

“The music is vital, varied and consistently well executed. The ensemble play each composition with close attention to the elements provided and improvise with imagination and cohesion. Tunes like “Silt” sustain quiet moods without a drop in energy, while the free improv of “Rug Stain Saint” showcases an exuberance and high level of communication that speaks well of the commitment of each musician to the music.”

The band plays game pieces, graphic scores and blends of free improv/written material written by yours truly, with a no-holds-barred spirit and kickass attitude.  Good times.  Good times, indeed.

Lucky Charms

Personnel:  Jeff Younger -guitar/composition, Kristian Naso – trumpet, Darren Williams – tenor sax, Dave Chokroun – bass, Ben Wilson – drums