For a long while now, I have been threatening to make this band a reality.  I used to be a freaky heavy metal guitar player in the not sooo distant past.  I want to be that again, although now, I’m armed with all the musical powers that years and years of music school and practice give you.  In this particular situation, I intend to use these powers for evil.  I won’t get into all the details, but my character is “Manby”, the man-sized baby who wears a blue jumper all the time.  Yes, there have been legitimate, preliminary meetings about the design of, and what materials would be best suited for the certain, extreme wear on, a stage friendly, man sized baby jumper… We have some recordings in the bank, including the most virtuosic Kraft Dinner solo ever recorded (by yours truly) and soon, the threats continue, I will finish writing enough material to give birth to Fucko on a stage near you.

Ham Sandwich:


Personnel:  Jeff Younger – guitar/vocals, Alvaro Rojas – guitar/vocals, Smash/Michael Owen Liston – bass/vocals, Mike Magnusson/Sam Cartwright – drums