Choreographer and Ballet BC dancer Donald Sales has commissioned me to write the music for an upcoming piece of his called Heroes and Villains. After some discussion on Donald’s conception for the piece, how we mask our true identities, obscure our hidden desires and genuine natures, I decided I would write him a double string quartet with found sounds and text.  A SUPER MEATY proposition, and really exciting!  I’ve done the initial formal sketch, recorded some amazing sounds, and I’ll dig into the actual music composition in June 2011.  I’ve got a stellar quartet in Rebecca Whitling, Jesse Zubot, Reg Quiring and Peggy Lee, so I’m sure they’ll bring the music to a whole new level.  Can’t wait to really dive deep into this piece and to work with Donald.  We’re aiming for a November 2011 completion date and then we’ll see where it ends up being premiered…  really looking forward to it.