Jeff Younger’s Devil Loops



The big news for the Devil Loops is the fact there is soon to be BIG news…  Not everything is inked yet, so let’s just say that the release of the 2nd Devil Loops cd has been slotted in, a follow up trip to Europe is in the works, and a return weekend extravaganza at a rather large Vancouver event is likely to follow.  No official quacking, of course, until everything has officially hatched.  And I’m thinking conceptually about the loops, how they might be shifting…..  Very exciting times on the Devil Loops front!

Soon, I’ll be getting some pics and video up, including images from the 2012 Summer Tour that was so AMAZING!!!  Sooo, soo much fun, and so many great musicians and hangs across the country.  I unleashed the Devil Loops on Toronto ON, Montreal QC, Fredericton NB, Halifax NS, Charlottetown PEI, Edmonton AB and Calgary AB, played with some of the finest improvisers in the country, did a few clinics and drank a ton of amazing Canadian beer.  An absolutely beautiful experience (except for Air Canada losing my guitar on the first flight of the tour… don’t fear, it was eventually found and returned!)

And, if you don’t already know, the Devil Loops are fully improvised solo electric guitar with electronics pieces.  It’s a challenging and thrilling ride each and every time, and very unpredictable… I love making music this way – lots of extended techniques, grand pools of sonic expressionism, crazy language and rhythmic bludgeonings, and oodles of surrealistic contemplation…

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