Brock Jellison/Ricochet

Brock Jellison and I go way back.  It started when I played guitar in his epic dance piece 77 Minutes, then he commissioned me to co-write the music, produce the cd and be Musical Director for his next giant production called Ricochet.  Then I co-wrote and MD’d his more intimate dance show Blue, and then we made his last record called Cheval Noir.  What a crazy run of projects!  I’ve had a ton of fun with Brock, running around on 10 ft. high scaffolding, blasting out molten rock guitar licks amidst smoke machines and strobe lights, playing intimate soft seaters and large dance halls, and digging into the studio for weeks on end to rock out and fine tune our music!  He’s a very talented, spirited guy (and great tap dancer – you might have seen him in the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics?), so I’m sure if we do another project at some point, it’ll be bigger and better than ever.

Halfway to the Ground – Cheval Noir
Conversations With Myself – Cheval Noir
Ruckus – Ricochet