The Andre Chrys Band

Andre is a very good friend of mine from way back.  I used to go to Halloween parties at his place in Winnipeg and my only, admittedly fuzzy, memories of him from those days are of a big mop of hair, a bee costume with droopy antennae, a motorcycle that lived in the living room, and chicken-skin jacket that hung in the foyer.  Turns out he moved to Vancouver before I did, and I’ve been playing in his original roots rock/country project The Andre Chrys Band for a bunch of years.  In early 2015 we finished recording a new album and are waiting for the vinyl to arrive before we do the release.  Andre is a steallar songwriter, the record sounds great and the band really found a nice vibe during the sessions, so I’m stoked to have it put into the world and do some shows in support of his music.

Personnel: Andre Chrys – vocals, guitar, songwriting, Jeff Younger – guitar, Bill Briscall – bass, Mike Magnusson – drums