BALLET BC I did a great project as featured musical soloist w/ BBC and absolutely everyone involved was totally great. They’re committed artists pushing their company into a contemporary space – they deserve your support!
CANADA LYNX RECORDS Super Robertson and the Shockker- 2 good friends and leaders in a community of creative people who do music for the right reasons.
NELS CLINE Jazz Times magazine called him “the worlds most dangerous guitarist”. I met Nels a bunch of years ago and he said some things to me that I needed to hear at the time. A killer musician and awesome brother, check his stuff out!
OUT INNERSPACE DANCE THEATRE David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen are amazing. I did the music for their full length dance piece Vessel. You should check em out!
RANDY WALTON – THE VILLAIN'S RAYGUN WEB DESIGN & ART Randy did this site! He was great to work with, artist-friendly, and very patient with my uber-pickyness!!
VIVIANE HOULE Viviane is one of my favourite musicians. She’s a fearless improviser with an INCREDIBLE array of amazing sounds and extended techniques in her arsenal. This is doubly remarkable because she’s a singer – no gadgets, no whammy pedals, no alligator clips.
WENDY D PHOTOGRAPHY Wendy is the amazing photographer who did the images from this site. A total pro and amazingly generous spirit!