Squirrel (2005)

For vocal quintet (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Tenor, Bass), and, unfortunately, a true story. Around 1998, I wrote a series of “moment poems” capturing small events in my life that had far greater implications. As a young boy, a friend and I made a homemade bow and arrow and were innocently chasing a squirrel around the family cottage. By chance, my friend’s aim was true, and it changed everything… The music is based on sonority and color, more innocent measures.

Shannon Scott – soprano, Bekah Peterson – alto, Carman J. Price – tenor, Dylan VanDijk – tenor, Rob Bravo – bass

A squirrel once lost its eye to me
A silly, little game of chase without intent
But, when intent lay squirming in the gravel
A perfectly round, perfectly red drop of blood
Where its eye should have been
The courage for a big rock could not be summoned
So, into the bush it went
In the name of rightness, smaller rocks followed
One, by chance, found its mark
The squirrel made a sound
That had my stomach in knots for days
A squirrel once lost its eye to me
And I to it, my boyhood