Brock Jellison commissioned me to co-write a bunch of slamming rock tunes, write a bunch of killer instrumentals, produce the cd we made, and be the Musical Director for the run of shows we did of his opus Ricochet. What a blast!  Brock was great to write with/for, and he’s a big fan of the guitar, so I really got to go for it.  We made over an hour of music for the show, and for the original run, we had a sick band:  the double drum attack of Mike Magnusson and Sam Cartwright, Cory Curtis on bass, Brock on lead vocals,  and Alvaro Rojas and myself providing the double barrelled rock guitar onslaught.  Yeah, it was preposterously fun…   I also got to sing a couple tunes, run around on a 10 foot high metal scaffold and essentially live out my teenage fantasies as they related to elevated rocking and smoke machines.  We also did a remount and took the show on a tour of BC.  It was a really great project to sink my teeth into, very visceral and energized!