Heroes and Villains/Donald Sales

Choreographer and Ballet BC dancer Donald Sales has commissioned me to write the music for a piece of his called Heroes and Villains. After some discussion on Donald’s conception for the piece, how we mask our true identities, obscure our hidden desires and genuine natures, I decided I would write him a double string quartet with found sounds. A SUPER MEATY proposition! I wrote a bunch of music and recorded a whole bunch of sounds at my family cabin in Manitoba.. tools we use to bury and build things, things we use to hide and obscure things: saws, rakes, shovels, slamming drawers, creaking gates, locks and axes.  I hired a stellar quartet in Rebecca Whitling and Jesse Zubot – violins, Reg Quiring – viola, and Peggy Lee – cello, they laid down some gorgeous performances and fierce improv during the recording session, and I went to work on assembling the strings and building with the found sounds.  I delivered a mock up of a full work and sections Donald can use is various ways, and it sounds like he’ll be using parts of the music in different productions, so I’ll be interested to see where it ends up and am looking forward to the premiere(s)!