Been in Germany since May 3 and been loving it.  Great people, great beer and great music!  Started with a fun adventure in Mannheim with my buddies John King and Kevin O’Day at the premiere of their new work with Ballet Nationaltheater Mannheim, followed by a killer after-party, and wrapped up with a nice clinic I did for students and recent grads at the Mannheim Conservatory.  Then I hit Berlin and had a great gig at Sowieso with Achim Kaufmann, Mathias Müller, Klaus Kürvers and Alex Huber.  Meeting lots of great people and musicians, and there’s a bunch of jamming coming up and plenty of creative music to check out.   I’m also stoked to spend some hours in the galleries and museums around town.  An adventuresome and nourishing place!

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EUROPE: T Minus 6 Days!

Woah… OK, trying to keep all the orbs of life and music spinning while plowing through the list of to-do’s that needs to get whittled down to zero before I hop on a plane to Germany.  I will be stoked, but as is usually the case, the list trumps the excitement in the days preceding a grand adventure.  3 gigs in Amsterdam, 1 in Mannheim, working on Berlin and it looks like we might be able to make something happen in Belgium.  Also lots of great jam sessions in the works with some of Europe’s best improvisers… now, if it weren’t for this list…

Had an amazing kick-0ff show at Merge on Thursday night – thanks to all who came out and to Skye Brooks, Chris Gestrin, Dory Hayley, Arash Khakpour and Ashley Whitehead for performing.  Really, really great energy from all involved and everyone in the audience.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Now, back to the list!


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Too much to type right now, but soooooooooo many cool things coming together.  This FRIDAY, though, come see THE UNSUPERVISED at our new collective artspace MERGE!  If you can’t make Friday, come SATURDAY to come see myself, Chad Makela and Kenton Loewen destroy the MERGE stage!!!!  Updates soon, I promise….!

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Planning the trip to Berlin/Mannheim/Amsterdam and the cd release for Jeff Younger’s Devil Loops Volume 2, writing a new cello/gtr duo, launching a new collective artspace, gigging, improv workshops, teaching, tons of admin, and I’m back to putting the kms on the running shoes…  Excited, but full on!  Oh, and my Youtube channel jeffyoungermusic is gradually being stocked with video goodies.  Come see a gig and say “Hi” if you’re around Vancity.  Would love to see you!!

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Reminded this week that there is joy in music of the seeking variety…  GREAT gigs with The Unsupervised and Marauder this week, and REALLY looking forward to Tuesday’s gig with Sawhead Trio at Kozmik Zoo.  We’re doing 1 set at 9pm with the very cool Hildegard’s Ghost opening at 8.  Early show, hope to see some of you there! Cheers and thanks!  JEff

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Phillip Glass World Premiere

Saw the world premiere of Phillip Glass’s String Quartet No. 6 here in Vancouver last night…  Wow… a very dense composition, but with a simplicity and elegance informing all of the language and information in it.  A really interesting piece, as played by the Kronos Quartet, and Phillip gave an interesting pre-concert interview that’s got me thinking about things.  It’s good to think about things…  think about music…. and things….  JEff

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IMG_1499Why the need for 9 exclamation marks after the word coffee???? Admin madness with a really exciting endgame!  Planning a 2014 European adventure for Jeff Younger’s Devil Loops in Amsterdam and Berlin.  FINALLY getting to the mountain of performance video and an official YOUTUBE channel.  Cooking up a summer festival tour for The Unsupervised.  Booking some really cool local gigs, and precariously balancing a tube straight from the new coffee maker…  Slurp slurp, gulp gulp, adventure adventure…

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KILLER GIGS (and a bday) COMIN UP!!

Hey folks!  Filling the calendar with tons of great stuff in the coming months.  Stoked!  Starts this Friday @Glen 67 with Dylan Van Der Schyff and Tommy Babin.  Check the latest email mailout below for deets!

Greetings Fine Music Folk!!

Been a long while… While joining The Facebook has been a benefit in many ways ( –  if you wanna roll by and say hello), it has also channelled a bunch of my promotional type time into event creating and friend inviting….  That’s all fine, but it has minimized how much weird matter ends up getting pooted forth while I’m sitting at my laptop.  This, to me, anyway, is a sad development.  Well, I’ve got some shows coming up I’m pretty stoked about, so in the spirit of anticipation and the liberation of the brain/fingers/qwerty power trio, here’s a bunch of stuff upcoming, some blurbery on the nature of anticipation, and some info.

Here’s hoping this email finds you all super excited about whatever you’ve got rolling as October approaches!!!


2 sets of trio improv with 2 of the best improvisers you’ll find anywhere on the planet.  Glen67 is at 1115b East Hastings, but the door is around the side at 360 Glen Drive.  Doors 10pm, music 10:30-1am.

THURSDAY, OCT 3 – KOGGING (from Amsterdam) w/ JEFF YOUNGER @ El Barrio/X-Site (2270 East Hastings) as part of NoSchMo Presents
I met some crazy and hilarious jazz musicians from Amsterdam at the Banff Centre a few years ago.  Turns out they’re totally killing musicians and like to tour Canada!  They describe their music as Indie-Jazz with a singer/songwriter heart, inspired by artists like Brad Mehldau, John Mayer and David Linx.  They’re playing 2 sets, I’ll be sitting in on some tunes, and it may or may not be the start of my birthday weekend…  Norbert Kögging – Voice, Folkert Oosterbeek – piano, Tobias Nijboer – Bass, Felix Schlarmann – drums
9pm – 12pm, By Donation

(EARLY SHOW/LATE PARTY)SATURDAY, OCT 5 – THE DEEP END @ THE FAN CLUB (aka jgy jet fuel bday party) @ Fan Club 7:30pm
I haven’t decided how old I’m turning this year, but I have decided to rip it up at this gig in the classic, sweaty funk birthday extravaganza style.  That’s what birthdays are for, right??  Our little 7-piece funk juggernaut, led by the amazing vocalist Dawn Pemberton, is playing 2 early sets, starting at 8pm, then there’s some sort of film wrap party happening at the club after with more live music, so we’ll pack up our gear and get down to partying right after the 2nd set.  I’m really looking forward to hanging with my good friends and celebrating my luck in that I can actually call them that.
Doors 7:30, 2 sets starting at 8pm, good times all night long.

Ok, so as I await the awesomeness of the next week and a half… this whole ANTICIPATION thing…

It’s an important water banana slide of emotional preparation for a human type person.  I mean, it reminds us to enjoy the moment, fear an outcome, look closer at the expiration date on tub of sour cream, and sets us up for surprises.  It can also make an afternoon of teaching Call Me Maybe to drippy nosed guitar kids a bit more bearable, and reminds us that the heart and the stomach have different functions when playing pattycake with our brains.  Sometimes, though…  you get set up for something that doesn’t unfold with as much benevolent grace as one would hope…

MOM:  It’s OK, Jeffrey, I’m sure the donkey will come back.

JEFFREY (after 20 minutes of intense staring with his nose pressed against the inside of the shopping cart):  There’s no donkey.

MOM:  Well maybe it’s going to send the puma instead.

JEFFREY(20 minutes later):  Here it…!  No, wait, that’s Papa in an otter mask.

MOM:  Well, you know, they say that if you’re visited in the middle of the night by a man in an otter mask, you’ll have 8 months of good luck!

JEFFREY (8 months later):  Please tell Papa to take off the otter mask.

PAPA:  Mmm, mmm, mmm, these shellfish sure are yummy!  I’m sure that broken leg will heal up real soon, kiddo!

JEFFREY (the following Tuesday afternoon):  I shouldn’t have asked for Vengeful Robot Karate Puppy for Christmas.

VENGEFUL ROBOT KARATE PUPPY:  Well kid, they auto ship the new model from the factory every year, so you only got 342 days before all your dreams come true, right?  (under his metallic doggy breath)  Man, I can’t wait to get the hell away from this kid’s sweaty feet and panting “heeya!”… “heeya, wheeze… heeya, wheeze…  heeya… wheeeeeeeze…”  That’ll be the day…  That’ll be the day… That will be the day.

If you managed to make it this far, in the spirit of gifting, the first person to email me saying so gets a copy of each cd (that I still have copies of) from my original catalogue.  I think that’ll be 5 discs in total, including the still unreleased Jeff Younger’s Devil Loops . volume two.

Thanks for reading and supporting creative music in Vancouver!!  Very much appreciated.  If you wish to be removed from this email list, just reply with “Heeya!” in the subject field and it will be done, no hard feelings.

Cheers, thanks, and all the best!


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Beautiful gig at Glen67 last night with Viviane Houle, Stefan Smulovitz and Ben Brown.  I needed that!  Thanks to all who came out and big love to Viviane, Stefan and Ben.  Only 3 WEEKS (gah!) left before Sept hits… I’ve got a few days of sunshine in Naramata coming up, followed by finalizing the Devil Loops release deets, figuring out a European adventure in 2014, and getting The Unsupervised up and rolling with steamy vengeance.  But first, more coffee…  Cheers and thanks, all!

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Hey folks!  After a killing jazzfest show with The Unsupervised and a really fun hang checking out music and laughing lots with all the crazy musicians in Vancouver, it’s finally… SUMMER!  Chipping away at cleaning my pad and sorting out priorities after what is, essentially, the end of my music year, and enjoying having some bandwidth to get a lot done but with a more relaxed pace.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….  I’m getting into practice mode, getting stoked to write more music for The Unsupervised, scheming Devil Loops stuff, and am planning 2014 tours and a European adventure.  Tons of good stuff down the road and right in front of my face.  AND, I’m back running trails and hiking up mountains.  Awesome, awesome, awesome!  And a headsup:  JEFF YOUNGER’S DEVIL LOOPS is at Glen67 on July 19!  Happy summer, everyone!

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