Healed Hand, Marathon Finish and Back in Improv Land

Well, that was an interesting 5 months… I damaged some ligaments in my left hand in May and had to stop playing to let them heal. I also had to keep making money, so, technically I stopped playing any challenging or improvised music and continued playing 2 finger guitar in jobber bands to pay my rent. It was a looooooooooong time without improvising… man, so long…. That kind of break would usually drive me totally nuts, but thankfully, I was training to run the Victoria Marathon on Oct 9 and all the kms on the roads and trails kept me in good spirits and got me in shape enough to achieve that goal. Pretty happy about that and I’m really happy to be back playing some improvised music. I’m still quite limited on the instrument as I try to get back into playing shape while rehabbing and rewiring a chronic issue with my left hand, but damn it feels good to be in that space again. So, here we go, back into the primordial goop of improvisation!!!

Myself and Andre Chrys after completing the Victoria Marathon, Oct 9, 2016.

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Trunk Puppet!!

Stoked to be kicking of the last month of 2015 by going into process for a run of performances with some of my favorite Vancouver musicians and 4 puppeteers!!  Trunk Puppet, produced by the Now Society.  Come check it out!!  Trunk Puppettrunk-puppet-now-poster-web_0-400x805

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Wow… what a brilliant adventure that was.  Soooo much good music, soooo many great musicians and really interesting, lovely people.  Tons of good hangs, ridiculous turns and a giant dose of human goodness.  There are lots of photos and audio and some video that I’ll have to sift through, but if you’re curious, you can catch some of it on the ol’ JY Facebook page.  Scheming for Euro 2016 has already begun and I can’t wait to get back.

In the meantime, though, The Vancouver International Jazz Festival starts Friday, June 19 and I’m stoked for my gigs and the great lineup of artists featured throughout.  You can catch my band THE UNSUPERVISED at Robson Stage @ 1:30pm on Sunday, June 21 and I’ll be playing with LONE BEAR, my guitar trio, with James Meger on bass and Skye Brooks on drums on Wednesday, June 23 @ the Libra Room, 9:30pm start.

Cheers, thanks, and hope to see you around the festival!!!!




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Safe and sound in Amsterdam and looking forward to a crazy adventure!! First gig Apr 29 – check the entire tour itinerary Here!photo

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Europe 2015

It’s official. First flight booked – Euro Adventure 2015 begins Apr 26… Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm and more… Devil Loops, improv, workshops, really awesome people and and the best Yogurt in the world. Stoked!!!10563202_538279349647022_387066328827765943_n

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Happy 2016!!

Greetings Fine Music Folk!

2015 was epic.  2016 will be epic with some extra epic sauce on top.  A return to Berlin, Amsterdam and Stockholm, compositions a plenty, major developments for The Unsupervised and Jeff Younger’s Devil Loops, and tons and tons of playing in Vancouver.  I’m stoked, and I’m really, really grateful for everyone who impacted and contributed and shared in last year.  Wishing you all the best and hoping to share some sounds and smiles in 2016!!!  Cheers and thanks, JEff

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Greetings Fine Music Folk!  Well….  I dunno what’s happening to the weeks of the months and the months of the year…

It would appear as though I’ve been playing a lot of music – especially stoked to be playing a lot of trio with the likes of Tommy Babin, James Meger, Scott Tucker, Mike Magnusson and Skye Brooks.  I love trio – so malleable and ripe for quick turns and surprise spaces.  Also lots of random, creative nights, which makes me happy on the inside, and new connections with great players and interesting people.  I’ve also started organizing the next European adventure for 2015, and am contemplating new projects and new horizons.  While the days, weeks and months blur by.

Life is interesting and life is full of music.  Hope the same for all of you.  Cheers and thanks for listening.  JEff

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Wow.  Just WOW.  The end of the Vancouver Jazz Festival is pretty much the end of my functional year – teaching’s done, summer touring’s done, the festival is done, and things are usually a bit more mellow until September.  This past “year” has been absolutely brilliant on so many levels.  I’m really tired, but I’m also extremely excited for the next phase and really inspired to make interesting things… yes I’m grinning as I write this.  I’ll take a couple of days to sleep before I start the push, but I’ll also take a minute to thank everyone involved with the Devil Loops cd release, everyone involved with the T.I.M.E. project, and everyone who came out to the Devil Loops clinic at the jazz festival.  What an amazing run of things to roll right on the heels of such an amazing month in Europe.  Wow.  Just WOW.  More cool things starting at Merge on Friday!  Check the Gigs page for more info and hope to see everyone out and about during our gorgeous Vancouver summer!  Cheers!!

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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18 @ The ORPHEUM ANNEX – 823 Seymour St (2nd Floor)


musicians:  JP Carter – trumpet/electronics, Chris Gestrin – keys, Dylan Van Der Schyff – drums
Jeff Younger – guitar/electronics

dancers:  Renee Sigouin, Elissa Hanson, Alexa Mardon

video and improvised video:  Chirs Gestrin and a very special guest TBA!

produced by Railtown Cultural Eclective

I’m absolutely thrilled and incredibly lucky to be putting on this show with these amazing artists, in this gorgeous theatre.  The evening will be split into two halves.  PT 1 will feature video and dance interpretations of tracks from the new Jeff Younger’s Devil Loops disc.  PT 2 will start with a couple of solo Devil Loops pieces, followed by improvisations by various groupings of performers and will culminate with a piece by the entire ensemble – 4 musicians, 3 dancers and live, improvised video.

Doors @ 7pm, Show @ 8pm
THE ORPHEUM ANNEX is a beautiful space in The Orpheum building

The Facebook event is here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/306036109561280/

Grab a drink in the lobby before/after the show, and yes, you can bring your drinks into the theatre for the performance!

TICKETS:  General Admission is $15 and you can add a copy of the new cd for $5 when you enter through the door.
ONLINE at www.northerntickets.com (search for Jeff Younger)
BY PHONE at 604-596-1144 or 1-855-551-9747
(Shoot me a note or give me a call and I’ll hook you up!)

Special thanks to Railtown Cultural Eclective!  http://www.railtownce.ca/  https://www.facebook.com/RailtownCulturalEclective

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Gonçalo Almeida, Jeff Younger, Raoul van der Weide @ OORSPRONG, May 19/14.

Gonçalo Almeida, Jeff Younger, Raoul van der Weide @ OORSPRONG, May 19/14.

Well… only a few days left before I’m on a plane back to Vancouver to launch the new Devil Loops disc and rip it up at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival for the opening weekend Tonal Interactive Media Experiment, and closing weekend Devil Loops clinic.  Been an absolutely brilliant tour and trip.  Brilliant.  Such a pleasure to meet and gig/session with so many amazing players and warm, interesting, creative people.  And the beer.  There has been some beer involved… A more thorough telling of the adventure will come when I’m back on home soil and have had time to distill the experience a bit.  Cheers, thanks, and hope all is brilliant in your worlds!!!  JEff

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