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Healed Hand, Marathon Finish and Back in Improv Land

November 5, 2016

Well, that was an interesting 5 months… I damaged some ligaments in my left hand in May and had to stop playing to let them heal. I also had to keep making money, so, technically I stopped playing any challenging … Continue reading



Wow… what a brilliant adventure that was.  Soooo much good music, soooo many great musicians and really interesting, lovely people.  Tons of good hangs, ridiculous turns and a giant dose of human goodness.  There are lots of photos and audio and some video that I’ll have to sift through, but if you’re curious, you can catch some of it on the ol’ JY Facebook page.  Scheming for Euro 2016 has already begun and I can’t wait to get back.

In the meantime, though, The Vancouver International Jazz Festival starts Friday, June 19 and I’m stoked for my gigs and the great lineup of artists featured throughout.  You can catch my band THE UNSUPERVISED at Robson Stage @ 1:30pm on Sunday, June 21 and I’ll be playing with LONE BEAR, my guitar trio, with James Meger on bass and Skye Brooks on drums on Wednesday, June 23 @ the Libra Room, 9:30pm start.

Cheers, thanks, and hope to see you around the festival!!!!




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