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Healed Hand, Marathon Finish and Back in Improv Land

November 5, 2016

Well, that was an interesting 5 months… I damaged some ligaments in my left hand in May and had to stop playing to let them heal. I also had to keep making money, so, technically I stopped playing any challenging … Continue reading



Greetings Fine Music Folk!  Well….  I dunno what’s happening to the weeks of the months and the months of the year…

It would appear as though I’ve been playing a lot of music – especially stoked to be playing a lot of trio with the likes of Tommy Babin, James Meger, Scott Tucker, Mike Magnusson and Skye Brooks.  I love trio – so malleable and ripe for quick turns and surprise spaces.  Also lots of random, creative nights, which makes me happy on the inside, and new connections with great players and interesting people.  I’ve also started organizing the next European adventure for 2015, and am contemplating new projects and new horizons.  While the days, weeks and months blur by.

Life is interesting and life is full of music.  Hope the same for all of you.  Cheers and thanks for listening.  JEff

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