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Healed Hand, Marathon Finish and Back in Improv Land

November 5, 2016

Well, that was an interesting 5 months… I damaged some ligaments in my left hand in May and had to stop playing to let them heal. I also had to keep making money, so, technically I stopped playing any challenging … Continue reading



Hey folks!  After a killing jazzfest show with The Unsupervised and a really fun hang checking out music and laughing lots with all the crazy musicians in Vancouver, it’s finally… SUMMER!  Chipping away at cleaning my pad and sorting out priorities after what is, essentially, the end of my music year, and enjoying having some bandwidth to get a lot done but with a more relaxed pace.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….  I’m getting into practice mode, getting stoked to write more music for The Unsupervised, scheming Devil Loops stuff, and am planning 2014 tours and a European adventure.  Tons of good stuff down the road and right in front of my face.  AND, I’m back running trails and hiking up mountains.  Awesome, awesome, awesome!  And a headsup:  JEFF YOUNGER’S DEVIL LOOPS is at Glen67 on July 19!  Happy summer, everyone!

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